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10/07/2004 TagTag
Fotoon 0.2 alpha is available.

Here is the change log:

Point EXIF info support
Point Thumbnails created from EXIF thumbnail data. Loading an album is faster.
Point Album date can now be set.
Point Photo's date/time are now set from EXIF data when available.
Point Sub-Albums management.
Point Quick search engine (retreiving photos according to tags)
Point Popup menus
Merge collection of tags

Feedback (comments, features requests, bug reports, ...) are welcome at sirloon[at]

18/02/2004 Tag
Fotoon 0.1 pre-alpha is available.

Give a try !

29/01/2004 Tag
The Fotoon website is already online (that's why you can read this !).
The first pre-alpha version will soon be released ...

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