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Here are some screenshots of Fotoon 0.2-alpha. These are meant to show some of the possibilities of sub-album management. They were taken from an album, containing photos of Paris. This album contains three sub-albums named 'Parc', 'Tour Effeil', and 'Notre Dame'.

Main window
The window now contains a 'Sub-Albums' tab which provides access to information about the sub-albums. The 'tags' tab hasn't changed except that some tags are potentially grayed, indicating that they cannot be edited while belonging to a sub-album. The date of the albums can now be set.

Main Window

Sub-Album window
By clicking on the 'Sub-Albums' tab, you can add, remove, open or see the index of a sub-album (shown here is the 'Tour Effeil' album).
Note that photos from sub-albums are in read-only mode. Open the appropriate sub-album to modify them, and then click on the 'Main album' button to return the top album...
Subalbum index

Quick search engine
Fotoon 0.2-alpha is now able to find tagged photos thanks to the 'Quick search engine'. Check the tags that you'd like to search for and click on the 'search' button. Fotoon will retrieve all of the photos which contain any of the specified tags.

Quick Search

Sub-Album window (more)
Once the 'Paris' album, with its three sub-albums, is designed, it can be added to another album. In this example, an album contains the sub-album named 'Photos of Paris', which contains the three sub-albums.
Tag collection

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