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Fotoon is an application that helps you manage and organize your photos, in an easy and fast way. It allows the creation of albums and sub-albums containing photos that can be labeled with tags in a drag-and-drop manner. Tags can be user-defined, if none can be found in the template collection. Photos can easily be selected according to several criteria (tags, legends, descriptions...). Albums are saved in XML format.


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As you take and share photos, you need to organize them quickly and easily, in order to retrieve them later. The most common way of doing so are text-based descriptions, which are complicated and time-consuming. That's why Fotoon provides tag-based descriptions, so you can rapidly add main informations to your photos. You just need to drag-and-drop tags onto your photos, so you can retrieve them, according to their tags...

You can easily create an album and fill it with chosen photos. Organizing hundreds of photos in one album is not easy. Fotoon provides the answer with albums which can contain sub-albums, which can contain sub-albums, which can contain sub-albums, ...

Tags are just like icons you can "stick" on your photos. Fotoon provides a default collection of tags, organized in a tree and divided in categories (e.g Persons, Events, Places, Smileys), but you can define new ones if necessary... Tags can be exported to be used in others albums.

As you add photos on your album, you can overview them in a glance with the summary view, displaying pictures thumbnails and used tags. In the most detailed view, you can add text-based descriptions, such as legends. Photos can be rotated or flipped to see them in correct orientation. As Fotoon comes without any warranty, even more for the current testing version, NO operation is applied directly to the photo file, but saved in a Fotoon album file and reapplied as loaded. So your pictures are preserved from any crash.

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